About Us

We are a small Minecraft Project for British Community, that is trying to break the barrier between players and servers. Our Team is always friendly, and we love all of your ideas to improve. Every player is important to us, and everyone has the right to get the support that he needs. Our Minigames are original, custom and you won’t see them on any other server. Try visiting us and see by yourself. You are welcome! 😉

What can we Offer?

Do you need Help?

Have you found some bug or have you got some issues? You can go to our Discord Server (discord.trustgames.net) or, if our helpers don’t have enough privileges or information to help, you can write us an email ([email protected]). Write a subject of your issue, then describe us your problem and our support team will do their best to help you as fast as possible.

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Currently working…

Currently working…

Hey everyone! We just wanted to quickly say, that we are still alive! 😀 We are working hard on a new update and when we are ready to open, we will let you know. We will try to update you in few upcoming posts here, about the minigames you can play when the server is open. Thank you so much […]