General Rules

Applies to all services on the TrustGames project

  1. Registering on the TrustGames project means that you agree with all rules and GDPR.
  2. Advertisements without granted permission from the owner are strictly prohibited on each service, which falls  under the TrustGames project.
  3. The player has the right to query concerning TrustGames servers.
  4. All data of the server are the property of TrustGames and in case of any unintentional (even intentional) damage or loss, the player has no right to compensation.
  5. On services related to the minecraft server TrustGames, the player is obliged to use only the same nickname as on the minecraft server.
  6. It’s strictly forbidden to have more than 1 game account (nick) in order to gain benefits or circumvent the penalty.
  7. No one has the right to request login details for the minecraft server and related services from anyone. In the event that this information is provided to a third party or if password is broken, we will not be liable for any damages. Always choose strong passwords.
  8. Players with cracked launchers (a.k.a. players who haven’t purchased the original instance of the game) won’t be provided with any support in case password loss.
  9. If cracked account nickname is claimed by original owner of that nickname, account would be completely reset with no compensation for cracked player. 
  10. Rules can be changed at any time without giving any reason or announcement. It’s in player’s own interest to be regularly informed about changes in the rules. 

Behaviour on our server

  1. We encourage our players to behave as polite as possible and respect all principles of kindness and fair-play. 
  2. Be an example for others, behave as you would like to see others to behave. 
  3. If a player is a minor, the legal representative is responsible for all his actions.
  4. Official communicating language for our project is English. 
  5. Any indecent, vulgar, racist, perverted or sexual and unethical behavior and expressions of allusions directly on sexual topics in any way is prohibited.
  6. It is forbidden to send unsolicited messages with the intention of flooding the chat (spam) in both public and private chat, which is part of the TrustGames project.
  7. It is forbidden to damage the server in any way.
  8. It is forbidden to use a game nickname, which in any way resembles the nickname of a member of the admin team.
  9. If a player finds an error both on the minecraft server and/or on services related to it, he is obliged to report this error to the team. It is forbidden to spread this bug among players.
  10. It is forbidden to accuse a player of breaking the rules, unless the player has any evidence to do so. Forum and  tickets are used to report a player, not a public or private chat with a team member.
  11. It is strictly forbidden to look for and abuse errors or taking on the meaning of certain words in the rules.
  12. It is forbidden to induce players to use commands or keyboard shortcuts, which can harm them in any way.
  13. Encouraging players to break the rules is strictly prohibited.


  1. For the bast gaming experience, we encourage our players to follow all of the fair-play principles.
  2. It is forbidden to use unauthorized modifications of the game.
  3. By term “unauthorized modification” is considered any client, resource pack or mod that in any way favours you and/or your team over others.
  4.  There are a few examples in the section below.
  5. Any modifiacation, that is not in the list of allowed ones, but doesn’t give any major advantage can be used on player’s own risk.
  6.  Any mouse settings, that will give you a decessive advantage e. g.: doubleclick/tripleclick, autoclicker, fire button, etc. are strictly forbidden. 
  7. Please be respectful to other players and don’t cheat in the game.

Examples of Allowed Modifications

  1. ArmorStatusHUD 
  2. Batty’s cordinates
  3. Badlion client
  4. BetterFPS mod
  5. Custom Crosshair
  6. DirectionHUD
  7. Forge
  8. JellySquid CaffeineMC
  9. LabyMod
  10. Lunar Client
  11. Optifine
  12. Rei’s Minimap
  13. Shaders Mod
  14. StatusEffectHUD
  15. VoxelMap (Zan’s Minimap)

Examples of Disallowed Modifications

  1. AltLoader
  2. Anti-AFK
  3. Anti-Knockback
  4. Autoclicker
  5. AutoReconnect
  6. BowAimbot
  7. ChestSteal
  8.  FreeCam
  9. Glide Mods
  10. Huzuni
  11. Impact 
  12. Interface+
  13. Inventory Tweaks
  14. KillAura
  15.  Wolfram
  16. WorldDownloader
  17. Wurst
  18. X-ray

Support rules

  1.  If you encounter any issue, our support is here to help you
  2. You contact them via chat on vebsite, discord or simply going to our discord waiting room
  3. An AT member reserves a maximum of 2 hours at a time to resolve your issue.
  4. After that period of time, they have right to postpone it or send you to other AT member.
  5. You are expected to behave polite in when comunicating with our AT, otherwise you could be rejected. 
  6. Before contacting support, prepare please all available evidences if needed. 
  7. Evidence is a screenshot or video that is well-judged and displays the date and time of the event, not a witness.
  8. Evidence older than 14 days from the event to which it refers is invalid.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to create and present false or misleading evidences. 

Discord server rules

  1. Respect all Discord members. Harassment and/or bullying will not be tolerated.
  2. No NSFW or 18+ content is allowed. This includes blatantly NSFW content and content that appears as NSFW.
  3. Do not spam. This includes posting unrelated content, unnecessarily pinging staff members.
  4. Use voice and text channels for their intended purposes.
  5. No self-promotion. Use common sense and be reasonable with the content you share.
  6. Your discord nickname has to match your server nickname.
  7. About the groups “VIP, VIP+, TRUST” ask the members of the Admin Team, you are obliged to secure proof in advance.
  8. Inappropriate user avatar or description is punished

Paid Benefits and all Payments

  1. Payment for any Rank, Coins, Tokens, … (hereinafter referred to as “benefits”) is considered to be a  contribution to the operation  and development of the server. Some benefits could be also achieved by regular playing on the server.
  2. Server benefits could be purchased only via TrustGames store, reselling these benefits outside of TrustGames project results in a permanent ban.
  3. Our server is not connected in any way with Mojang Studios AB.
  4. By making a payment, you agree with the server’s rules and GDPR.
  5. Purchasing benefits doesn’t grant invulnerability to punishments according to the rules. 
  6. The server management reserves the right to change the benefits of VIP Ranks, Limited Offers, etc. 
  7. We are not responsible for a badly sent payment!
  8. The player has no right to a refund in case of payment via PayPal. Any attempt to refund will be penalized by a permanent ban.
  9. The duration of consecutive purchased VIP Ranks does not add up!
  10. Ranks cannot be transferred from one nickname to another, with the exception of changing the nickname of the original  minecraft account or reminding us when ordering.
  11. All complaints can be submitted via tickets or email ([email protected]).
  12. The server is not responsible for how the player handles the game currency he has purchased.
  13. The management of the server reserves the right to remove the benefits from a player when violating the rules, or at the end of the entire TrustGames project.
  14. It is strictly forbidden to trade in any way with the benefits on the server, game accounts, game currency wand items for any currency other than the game economic currency of the TrustGames project

Rights and obligations of the Admin Team and Server Management

  1. A member of the Admin Team (hereinafter referred to as an “AT Member”) is obligated to solve all problems of players fairly and in the shortest possible time. 
  2. An AT member reserves a maximum of 2 hours at a time to resolve your issue.
  3. An AT member and the Server Management may not abuse their rights in any way.
  4. The AT member is obliged to follow all server rules (does not apply to unauthorized modifications used to search for players, etc.)
  5. A member of the Server Management is obliged to inform the player about the changes and news made on the server via posts on our websites.
  6. A place in the Admin Team cannot be purchased.
  7. An AT member is prohibited from punishing other AT members. The offenses of AT members are solved only by the Management and/or the team leader.
  8. An AT and Management member cannot disclose information that is intended only for the Admin Team and Management.
  9. In the event of a rejection of an unban application, the AT member is obliged to state the reason for the rejection of the application.
  10. A member of the AT and the Management is obliged to attend the meeting if it is convened (an exception can be granted).

Punishments and unban requests

  1. If a player breaks the rules, he will be penalized according to the ban system available to the Admin Team.
  2. It is forbidden to circumvent the sentence.
  3. When imposing a penalty, a team member is obliged to state the reason for the penalty. The owner has the right to modify any part of the penalty or give a ban without giving a reason.
  4. If a player is punished, everything he contributed to the server, built, won, …, will not be returned in any way.
  5. The penalty can only be appealed by submitting an unban / unmute application via our Discord server, Website Help Chat or with  Tickets. 

Privacy policy (GDPR)

  1. All collected data remains stored in the TrustGames repository, which is provided by,, and Discord Systems, is well protected against theft, misuse or loss.
  2. The following data is collected on the website: IP address, nickname, e-mail address, optional data and your password, which is encrypted (it cannot be read).
  3. The website stores cookies in the browser, they can be deleted in the browser settings.
  4. The player’s nickname is used to uniquely identify the player and is available to all users of the TrustGames project, as well as all conversations between players in the chat of the Minecraft server.
  5. The IP address is used to detect spam and create alternative accounts, only authorized team members have access to the IP address.
  6. The following data is collected on the store: IP address, nickname, e-mail address and transaction ID
  7. The following data is collected on the TeamSpeak3: IP address, nickname, UUID
  8. The UUID is used to identify the TeamSpeak3 client
  9. The following data is collected in minecraft: IP address, nickname and your password, which is encrypted (it cannot be read).
  10. The user has the right to request the deletion of all his personal data and data on the entire TrustGames project, it is necessary to prove ownership of the account, we do not delete the data regarding to the support and purchased benefits, due to possible disputes.
  11. The IP address of blacklisted or permanently banned users remains stored and it is not possible to request its deletion.
  12. Users can share screenshots of other users’ text or voice messages without permission only if the user violates the rules.


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